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Pompy VP 30/44

VP 30/44 pumps

Bosch VP44/VP30 rotary distributor pumps are the main product being repaired by our company. Thanks to the professional repair using technology compatible with the manufacturer and usage of the largest amount of Bosch EPS 815 stands in Europe for testing and programming of aforementioned pumps the Dieseltechnika company has earned the position of world independent leadership in number of repaired pumps and quantity of parts ordered to repair them. We offer the lowest possible prices and provide the highest repair quality. We have a steady supply of all popular pumps for cars, trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles in our warehouse off-hand ready in bulk quantities.

Professional repair which pumps undergo always includes:

  • the exchange of PSG 5 controller
  • the exchange of pump speed sensor hall
  • the exchange of parts set timing-device piston
  • the exchange of a set of seals
  • pump calibration and programming of the controller to the results of measurements
  • printout after calibration and attaching it to the warranty
  • granting a 12-month warranty for the service and replaced parts