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Unit injector UI

We sell and repair injection pumps of Bosch, Siemens and Delphi manufacturers in cars and trucks. Services are performed on Eps815 Bosch and Hartridge AVM 2 devices, based on manufacturer’s technology.

Due to the fact that not all elements of the Bosch injector pumps are as interchangeable, they are not elements which we can take up and consider that it always possible to fix them. By continuous observation of market and technological possibilities wel look for solutions in this direction. At the moment, in difficult cases, we propose new injector pumps, which are always in our offer. In a situation where the client tested the injector pump, repair is not possible and he decides on a new one – the test price is not included.

The test evaluates parameters such as:

  • opening pressure of the spray nozzle
  • spray pattern and spray correctness
  • the electrical efficiency of the trigger (coil or piezoelectric)
  • fuel expense
  • dynamic assessment of BIP injection (Begin Injection Point)
  • a record with the serial number of the component is printed after each test