Electric turbochargers

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Electric turbochargers

Vehicle manufacturers, through the use of turbochargers with electronic actuators for location change of the exhaust steering (of popular geometry), have a greater and more precise impact on the work of the recharge and thereby gain greater vehicle dynamics, reduce emission and fuel consumption. Due to the complexity of regulation these systems can bring many difficulties in fixing this component. Except for a few details the mechanical side is the same as a typical turbocharger controlled by pneumatic actuator and repair is identical to the moment when you deal with electronics modulation.

Since the beginning of Dieseltechnika associating with the repair of turbines, we put an emphasis on the development of this branch of repair associated with electronic control. Thanks to the implementation of electronic technology and long time experience in the repair of electronic automotive engine controllers, we created the possibility of repairing turbine cylinders through the exchange of worn mechanical parts and microprocessor programming. As the only company in Poland, we are able to program, not just check the position of the electronic actuators and scope of their travel paths.

Each turbocharger with electronic actuator in addition to the tests as normal turbocharger is subjected to such tests as:

  •  the correctness of the electronic module to the turbine model
  • measurement of electrical parameters of the actuator motor
  • communication test with the module
  • measurement of blueprints for mechanical parts of adjuster
  • programming the "zero" of the turbine controller settings after repair
  • dynamic test of air flow through the geometry and regulation correctness
  • log printout of tests for the electronics settings